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    • 30 Sep

      How to Deal With Disappointment and Discouragement

      Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks)? Everything seems to go wrong and much like in the cartoons, a rain cloud hangs over your head wherever you go. We all come from different backgrounds and our leadership qualities vary greatly, but there is something we all have in common—discouragement and disappointment.  ...Read More

    • 27 Sep

      Good Leadership Requires Trust

      Trust is the key to effective leadership. Where there is an absence of trust, leadership is replaced by autocratic power. A good leader will work to build trust and consistently rebuild trust within his or her team.  Check out our leadership podcast below to learn 5 keys to earning the trust of those around you.  ...Read More

    • 23 Sep

      What REALLY Defines Failure?

      When I was young, my uncle had a favorite saying. “Mama said there’d be days like this…but she didn’t mention that there would be so many so close together!” Do you feel like a failure? Do you look back on what you have achieved in the past with disappointment? Do you think your efforts to be a servant-leader have been in vain?  ...Read More

    • 21 Sep

      Why Is Transformational Leadership So Effective?

      Transformational leadership is a leadership style in which the leader takes on a positive, mentoring role in have positive and lasting motivational effect on followers. Learn four behaviors associated with transformational leadership and why it is so important.  ...Read More

    • 08 Sep

      Leadership and Growth: How to Squash Growth in 3 Easy Steps

      Whether you are working on your personal or professional growth, you must remember one important fact: leaders can’t change organizations, but they can change people. Changed people can then foster change in organizations! Do you want to stifle growth? Don’t develop yourself or those around you. Here are three surefire ways to inhibit growth:  ...Read More