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    • 29 Mar

      Leadership Requires Sacrifice

      It is once again that time of year when Christians reflect on the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ and what those sacrifices mean to them.  As a servant leader, Jesus modeled leadership traits and qualities for followers to emulate in their own lives.  One of the most poignant lessons of leadership to be drawn from Christ's ministry is the importance and necessity of servant leaders to sacrifice for the greater good.  Truly successful and inspiring leaders must be willing to make several types of sacrifices in order to elevate their people and see their visions come to fruition.  Let's briefly look at three key areas where sacrifices must often be made for leaders to achieve their goals.  ...Read More

    • 12 Mar

      Six Keys to Effective Modern Leadership

      As we sail through the 21st century, the critical need for effective leadership is becoming more and more obvious. It is so apparent that graduate courses in leadership studies are popping up in universities all over the country! Finally, the importance of leadership and the qualities that define a true leader are getting the recognition they deserve. While there are many definitions of leadership, here is one that we think fits the bill: ...Read More